Works were Done to Ensure Safe Navigation on Three Gorges
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Works were Done to Ensure Safe Navigation on Three Gorges

Time: 2011-9-22
By: Tiffany

The water lever upper Three Gorges Dam reached to 167 meters at about 14:00, September 22. Victoria Jenna (a luxury cruise ship on Three Gorges) headed toward the five-stage ship lock of Three Gorges Dam after series of navigation examination. An increasing number of cruise ships waiting outside Three Gorges Dam to be lifted up. It seems that the busy cruise ships are reminding people that the National Day golden week is coming.

There is no doubt that the precious seven-day holiday will be a shoulder season for Yangtze cruise. The biggest autumn flood in the 8 years has passed Three Gorges safely, but Three Gorges Reservoir is still under its 175 meters experimental water storage. The rising water level, potential floaters, rapidly increasing visitors are challenging the comprehensive management ability and of Three Gorges Navigation Administration. Three Gorges Navigation Administration has prepared careful emergency plans to ensure a safe and ordered navigation during the National Day golden week and the experimental water storage.

Six cruise ships (President No.1, Sunshine China, Victoria Prince and so on) followed Victoria Jenna be lifted up and advance toward upper reaches of Three Gorges between 14:00-19:00, September 22. It is predicted that there is an increasing number of Yangtze cruise ships will pass through Three Gorges Dam recent days.

Three Gorges Navigation Administration reminds the shipping companies to pay close attention to the latest change of the navigation condition and examine their cruise ships carefully. To ensure a safe navigation, the cruise ships should also follow the navigation regulations so as to avoid being crashed with other ships.

Relevant departments will strengthen their supervision and regulation related to the navigation safety of Three Gorges. They will enhance their safety-inspection and maintenance work at Three Gorges Tribe Scenic Area and the ports along Three Gorges. They will spare no efforts to ensure all the visitors a happy and safe Yangtze River cruise.

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