Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area Cooperated With Shennongjia Scenic Area
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Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area Cooperated With Shennongjia Scenic Area

Time: 2012-6-7
By: Cherry

In June 7th, the Shennongjia Forest Area People's Government signed an agreement with Yangtze Three Gorges Tourism Development Company, to jointly promote the tourism cooperation and development of Yangtze Three Gorges and Shennongjia two scenic areas. Thus, the two AAAAA class scenic areas in Hubei Province, which location are near, official started to cooperate.

Based on the agreement, both sides will jointly set up marketing center to charge of area tourism linkage, jointly make marketing strategy which aimed at target markets both at home and in abroad, implement marketing strategies step by step, achieve the multilateral benefits and wins in worldwide tourists markets, and carry out scenic spots entrance ticket linkage policy at moderate time to attract visitors interaction, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages.

At the same time, both sides will jointly start high-speed railway tourist market, launch the "taking Hanyi High-Speed Railway to visit Three Gorges Dam and explore mysterious Shennongjia Scenic Area" series tourism theme marketing activities, to jointly make the "waterway special line from Three Gorges Dam to Shennongjia" become international high quality tourist line and "one river and two mountains" become well-known brand in the world.

Long before this time, these two scenic areas have carried out cooperation exploration. On April 15th in this year, the "deep gorge and quiet lake" deluxe cruise which navigates between Three Gorges Dam and Shennongjia Scenic Area has officially put into operation. Visitors can fully enjoy the wonderful scenery of Three Gorges Dam and Shennongjia Scenic Area just with one ship ticket.

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