Chongqing Ranked Tenth on China Urban Competitiveness Ranking List
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Chongqing Ranked Tenth on China Urban Competitiveness Ranking List

Time: 2012-7-11
By: Cherry
Source: Chongqing Evening News

China Urban Competitiveness Seminar, which established in Hong Kong and consists of scholars in inland of China and Hong Kong, released the "2012 China Urban Competitiveness Ranking List" in July 10th in Hong Kong. On the ranking list of comprehensive competitiveness, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing still rank among the best.

Chongqing Ranks Tenth on Comprehensive Competitiveness Ranking List

The index systems of "synthesized competitiveness" include economy, society, environment and culture four systems. It is comprehensively counted by comprehensive economic competitiveness, industrial competitiveness, fiscal and financial competitiveness, commercial trade competitiveness, infrastructure competitiveness, social system competitiveness, environmental resource and location competitiveness, human capital and education competitiveness, science and technology competitiveness and cultural image competitiveness ten first class index and fifty second class index.

On the "Comprehensive Competitiveness Ranking List", the cities which rank from fourth to tenth separately are Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Taibei and Chongqing. The score of top one – Hong Kong is 15168, score of Shanghai and Beijing are higher than 13500, score of Shenzhen is 9147, while the score of Chongqing is 5145.

Chongqing Ranks Fourth on Growth Competitiveness Ranking List

On the ranking list of "growth competitiveness" which used to measure the development potential of provinces and districts, Tianjin, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia rank the top three. The growth competitiveness of provinces and districts refers to the capacity of fully taping potential capacity, continuously completing social organizational structure, performing innovative energy and gradually improving comprehensive competitiveness based on the inherent laws of sustainable development during the process of dynamic development. This evaluation system consists of strength index, potential index. vitality index and capacity index four first class index.. The forth to tenth on the ranking list of growth competitiveness separately are Chongqing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Taiwan, Jilin and Shanxi.

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