Big Karst Cave, as Beautiful as Crystal Palace, Was Unearthed in Wushan
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Big Karst Cave, as Beautiful as Crystal Palace, Was Unearthed in Wushan

Time: 2012-12-10
By: Cherry
Source: Chongqing Evening News

Yesterday, a netizen of Wushan declared on micro-blog that a natural karst cave was found on the road side of Wujiayan in Peishi Country, Wushan County. The journalist of Chongqing Evening Paper went to the scene yesterday.

It is understood by journalist at the scene that the karst cave was found by worker of quarry. On December 8th, Yi Jichong, the villager of Wujiayan, Peishi Country, was shoveling stones with excavator at the place which is about 5 meters away from the road. "I found a big cave unconsciously when I was clearing soil".

Yi Jichong was very surprise when he got off the excavator to have a look. "I did not expect that there is such beautiful natural landscape on the desert land. So I invited other two villagers to come into the cave with me".

Yesterday, people who want to enjoy rare landscape stand around the entrance of the cave. Many people said "it is just like the crystal palace in legends". To look into the cave from the entrance, various rocks are glittering and translucent.

Some villages also came into the cave with the help of strings. "I'm surprised by the scene in the cave. The natural lava is glittering and translucent. I feel like coming into other world."

It is said by villagers who came into the cave that people will come into the second cave by going toward left from the first platform and going across a stalagnate. "Some of these rocks look like lion, some of them look like Maitreya, and some of them look like dragon flying out from ocean, etc."

"When we went to deeper place, the interior part of the cave is dark. We only can hear rumbling sound. So we not dare go forward." Villages went out the cave. They analyzed that the rumbling sound may be caused by underground flow.

Journalist reported this situation to Peishi Country Government. The government paid high attention to it, and entrusted two villagers to manage and protect the scene. Xiang Dengguo, the secretary of country government, said that" now, domestic and foreign visitors are enjoying the beautiful scenery of red maples. This new natural landscape will add scenery to the tour."

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