The Most Beautiful Three Gorges In Summer
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The Most Beautiful Three Gorges In Summer

Time: 2012-5-31
By: Cherry
Source: Fenghuang Net

With the coming of summer, the Three Gorges comes into it most beautiful time in four seasons and best time for tourism. When you take Yangtze Cruise to visit Three Gorges, slowly move ahead on the wide river surface, you can enjoy the beautiful and special gorge scenery on the both banks of the Yangtze River, to prove the grand scenery in the poetries of Li Bai (a famous Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty), and feel the wonderful mood in poetries.

Taking Yangtze Cruise to Enjoy the Cliffs and Precipices

The Yangtze Three Gorges starts from the White Emperor City in Fenjie County on the west side, and ends in Nanjing Pass in Yichang, Hubei Province at east side. It consists of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorges and Xiling Gorges, 193 meters long. It is one of great canyon in the world.

In this season, the Three Gorges tourism is very hot. There are numberless visitors come to visit three Gorges everyday. In this charming place, you not only can enjoy the pleasant of tourism, but also can feel the shock which brought by the grand momentum of Three Gorges.

Three Gorges is one of the cradles of Chinese ancient culture. The famous Daxi Culture is sparkling special light in history. The mystery, simple and unsophisticated Daning River, Xiangxi Stream and Shennong Stream in the Three Gorges make the famous mountain and river gallery in the world present out spectacular sight.

Various Recreational Experiences on Yangtze Cruise

The present Three Gorges tour is more comfortable and leisure than before. Visitors can take well-equipped deluxe five-star Yangtze Cruise to enjoy the extraordinary momentum of gorges, and visit Hubei.

Furthermore, the theme recreational activities on the ship prepared various happy parties for visitors, to enrich visitors' tour. Joining in the party, while enjoying the special beauty of Three Gorges at night, visitors almost lost themselves in the happy atmosphere.

After the ship reaching Chongqing port, the Yangtze Cruise tour ends. Visitors can go to the downtown area near to the port, or walking in Jiefangbei, where is the most typical shopping center in Chongqing, or taste various special desserts at Hong Yadong Scenic area.

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