Standard of Yangtze Cruise Will Be Updated
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Standard of Yangtze Cruise Will Be Updated

Time: 2012-5-21
By: Cherry

Yangtze Gold Cruise

In May of last year, the Yangtze Gold 1 was put into operation. In May of this year, the Yangtze Gold 2 and Yangtze Gold 3 were put into operation. On May 19th, the Yangtze Gold 5 was officially delivered. It was introduced by She Yangyi who is the deputy general manager of Chongqing Yangtze Gold Cruise Company that the Yangtze Gold 6 will be put into operation in next month.

It is introduced by She Yangyi that the Yangtze Gold 7 and Yangtze Gold 8 will be put into operation in October of this year. At that time, the number of five star deluxe Yangtze Cruise of Yangtze Gold series will reach 7, and become the first Cruise fleet which navigates through Three Gorges on the Yangtze River. With the increase of deluxe Yangtze Cruises, the quality of Yangtze River Three Gorges Tour will be updated.

On May 19th, almost every visitor on the Yangtze Gold 5 Cruise highly praised it.

She Yiyang emphasized that the Yangtze Gold 5 Cruise brings strong shock to visitors' sense, which due to the various highlight design on the ship – the main hall on the ship is an 800 meters long business commercial pedestrian street, including luxury shops, specialty supermarket, dessert shop, and coffee bar and so on. It can be regarded as a moving "city" on the river. She Yangyi said that it is a subversive design about the ship construction, and a great revolution about inland river cruises.

Tian Qiang, a professor of Three Gorges University, think that the Yangtze Three Gorges is the only great canyon where can be visited by taking ships in the world. With the success of water impounding in Three Gorges Reservoir, "late Three Gorges Period" is coming, and Three Gorges is facing new development opportunity. It is inevitable choice that to develop leisure tourism on ship, built multi-level and diversification Yangtze Cruise products. With the Yangtze Gold series five star deluxe cruise put into operation, which aim at high-end consumer market, which also make quality and comfort level of the Yangtze Three gorges tour updated.

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