Chongqing Unearthed Million Years Ago Stone Implements
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Chongqing Unearthed Million Years Ago Stone Implements

Time: 2012-7-19
By: Cherry
Source: Dayu.Net

In May, 1983, archaeologists unearthed over 600 pieces relics of Palaeolithic Period in the Dadukow Mawangchang Ruins, which means the history of human activity in downtown of Chongqing can be traced back to twenty or thirty thousands years ago. But this history has been changed.

In yesterday, Chongqing Three Gorges Museum held a press conference. The hundreds pieces of ancient stone implements which unearthed from Jiulongpo Yulong Park proved the history of human activity in downtown of Chongqing can be trace back to million year ago. And this kind of ruins is rarely seen in the world.

There Are Human Living in Downtown of Chongqing in Million Years Ago

The Yulong Park hides on the Wangjia Mountain in Jiulong District. In 2009, archaeologists unearthed some stone implements in Yulong Park. Through identifying these stone implements and researching the topography and geology of the Yulong Park, archaeologists found that the Yulong Park is located on the earliest Yangtze fifth terrace in downtown of Chongqing. Specialists reckoned that there may have long history Palaeolithic Period ruins.

From July, 2010 to January, 2011, last for half a year, archaeologists found layer of gravel hundreds ancient stone implements in the 20 meters deep exploratory well in Yulong Park. After sent specimen of gravel stratum to Austria to identify its period, its period was confirmed as about million years ago. It means there was human living in downtown of Chongqing in million years ago.

Ancient Human Lived By River Bank and Lived on Hunting

What's the appearance of human in million years ago? How about their living environment?

It is introduced by Yuan Boayin who is the researcher of Institute of Geology and Geophysics that the period in million years ago is the early Palaeolithic Period, when ancient human can walk upright.

The present Yulong Park is located on mountain, while it was located on the river bank in million years ago. Yuan Baoyin said that some hard rocks were brought here by water from upstream of the Yangtze River, gradually formed gravel stratum. Later, there formed mountain with the crustal uplift. Because the hard rocks were suitable for making stone implements, ancient human lived at here. Furthermore, there were some animals in the dense forest and grassland on the river bank, which is suitable for hunting. "Although it can not be confirmed that whether there were human kibutz, it can be confirmed than ancient human ever often do activities at here."

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