Three Gorges Wild Animal World Greeted Its "Special Gusts"
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Three Gorges Wild Animal World Greeted Its "Special Gusts"

Time: 2011-9-29
By: Leo

Recently, Three Gorges Wild Animal World greeted a number of "special and rare gusts": Bengal white tiger – an animal under world first-class protection; animals under state first-class protection: golden anaconda, giant golden eagle, zebra and so on. Those special and rare wild animals attracted a lot of visitors here to watch them.

Bengal white tiger is the national treasure of India. There are only about 210 Bengal white tigers living in the world and that are even less than the total number of panda. So Bengal white tiger was called as the really "nobleman in the jungle". There are only few Bengal white tigers in the wild animal zoos. It should be noted that the Bengal white tiger is also a famous show star. The major role of the most classic magic show in Las Vegas is the white tiger. This magic show is the most famous and top-grade show in Las Vegas.

Giant golden eagle belongs to accipitridae; it is a fierce bird of prey lives in Northern Hemisphere. Giant golden eagle is noted for its outstanding appearance and nimble flying ability. The body of an adult golden eagle could reach 1 meter and its wings stretch more than 2 meters. It is feed on big birds and beasts. Its fighting with the wolf is pretty fierce and breathtaking.

There are only a small number of wild golden anacondas living in the world. Golden anaconda is a giant nonvenomous and harmless snake. It is a wild animal under the state fist-class protection. Zebra is a rare and precious ornamental animal which lives in the Africa. Due to the uncontrolled hunting, the number of zebras is decreasing rapidly recent years. The strips on the body of zebras are derivate to adapt themselves to the environment.

There are four big show performed by the wild animals during the Chinese National Day golden week. The parents could bring their children to Three Gorges Wild Animal World to observe the wild animals closely and spend a happy day with them.

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