Three Gorges Reservoir Water Storage Achieved 175 Meters Goal
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Three Gorges Reservoir Water Storage Achieved 175 Meters Goal

Time: 2011-11-1
By: Tiffany

On 17:00 October 30th, 2011, Three Gorges Reservoir achieved the 175 meters water impounding goal. This is the second time to achieve the goal after 2010. It represents Three Gorges Reservoir will fully and constantly plays its flood control, drought resisting, power generation, transportation and water replenishing role as planed. At the same time, it also laid a solid foundation for the Three Gorges Reservoir turning trial water storage into normal running.

During the 2 months water impounding, Yangtze River maritime authority called out 2900 coastal patrol vessel, 9800 law enforcement officers to guard the safe in reservoir area. It effectively protect sailing safe in reservoir area so that there is no serious sailing safety accidents in reservoir waters.

Wang Rujun who is the chief of Yangtze River maritime authority introduced: after the 175 meters trial water impounding project started in September 10th, water level in Three Gorges Reservoir area keeping rising, main stream and tributary water area keeping stretching so that some shoals and reefs which immerged by water formed new obstacles for sailing, the sailing condition changed a lot; at the same time, the sailing height of cross river buildings in reservoir area was influenced and the coastal wharf, wharfboat, stop of passenger ferry and berthage space have been changed.

As there are some difference after water impounding, Yangtze River maritime authority took a series of counter-measures. They strengthened the control to maximum height of sailing ship which pass by reservoir area, will not visa for the ship which is more than 17 meters over the water surface; urgently published 33 places to meet the urgent need, 22 water shed in which land slide is easily happened; 17 berthage spaces and 10 sailing obstructions; posting 600 law enforcement officers to 32 sailing rescue station practice 24 hours scene defense; paying more attention to dam area, bridge area, port area and land slid area; setting up tugboat in Chongqing, Huling, Wanzhou and others important ports, arranged 120 rescue boats garrison in main coastal towns to rescue the ship which in distress timely.

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