Three Gorges Reservoir Becomes Giant, Maritime Authority Guarantee Safely Sailing
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Three Gorges Reservoir Becomes Giant, Maritime Authority Guarantee Safely Sailing

Time: 2011-11-02
By: Tiffany
Source: China

Yesterday, journalist got the information from Yichang Maritime Safety Administration that Three Gorges Reservoir in high water level, the navigation environment is complex and changeable, so the administration started the cruising in 175 meters high water level period, also united with Pubic Security Department and other departments to monitor reservoir area, area near a bridge, landslide danger zone as well as the convergent area of main stream and tributary; keep the navigation free flow and in good order.

Since October 30th, water level of Three Gorges Reservoir reached 175 meters and the newly added storage capacity is 20 billion cubic meters, so Three Gorges Reservoir becomes a giant reservoir. Journalist noticed that the Badong County which was on the mountainwaist, is near to water; the familiar hills have been emerged; and you can't figure out which is main stream, which is tributary.

Three Gorges Reservoir is on working under the high water level. The main streams of three gorges become deeper and wider, and tributaries stretch longer, that make the navigation environment become more complex. Among which, the largest wide of conjunction of main stream and tributary reached 6000 meters, some tributaries stretch 30-60 kilometers; various cargo ship come into the navigation water area. Except that, after the navigation water area is widened, the cruising range of cross river ferry boat become wider that increased the sailing risk. There are about 10 kilometers cruising range for some ferry boat from main stream to tributary. The time of cross river is longer, the dodge relationship of cross river ship and follow river ship is more complex. Especially large amount of reefs in upstream area were emerged, and the reference substance on the both banks which is familiar for shipman have changed. Once the shipman isn't familiar with the new navigation environment, strike aground condition easily happened.

Therefore, Chongqing, Three Gorges and Yichang maritime authority started the linkage law enforcement. They carry out the supervisory control for important water area, bridges and ferries to eliminate the hidden danger.

As the increase of new dangers, all the short haul passenger ship and ferry boats are forbidden to pass in night. Maritime authority required that all the passengers on the ship which is less than 20 meters in length must dress life jacket. Furthermore, Yangtze River maritime authority checked the float-garbage ship, and command they to avoid the sailing ship when on work. At the same time, maritime authority urged them to transport the float garbage to the place over 175 meters, preventing the pollution again.

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