Three Gorges Reservoir Area will Build Intelligent Waterway
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Three Gorges Reservoir Area will Build Intelligent Waterway

Time: 2012-5-10
By: Cherry
Source: Dayu. net

The Electronic Road Map brings great convenience to citizen's life. In future, the ship man also can have GPS guidance system just as driving cars. It is learned from Yangtze Chongqing Waterway Bureau that Yangtze River Three Gorges Reservoir area waterway will be preliminarily built into the demonstration part of Yangtze intelligent waterway in 2015, build world-class reservoir area new waterway.

The Reservoir Area Intelligent Waterway Will be Preliminarily Built in 2015

It is reported that the Yangtze Chongqing Waterway Bureau has start to carry out digital waterway construction at the waterway from Jiangjin Lanjiatuo to Wushan Bianyu Stream under the Yangtze River Main stream digital waterway overall framework and overall construction aim, achieved some results in ship-borne information terminals, remote monitoring of marine technology, beacon power solutions in special conditions, observation in fog and set mark in deep water and some other issues. Based on the digital waterway construction foundation, the Bureau will diligently plan and greatly promote intelligent waterway construction, conquer a series of key programs which adapt to reservoir area waterway development and lead reservoir area waterway intelligence construction.

New Technique and New Energy, Built Green Low-Carbon Reservoir New Waterway

Presently, Yangtze Chongqing Waterway Bureau are processing integrated radar, AIS, VI and other systems, analyzing and processing ship signal to realize ship automatic identification and navigation parameters automatic collection, achieve Ship intelligent monitoring and early warning, actualize signals intelligence command technology and other research works. The Yangtze Chongqing Waterway Bureau is researching, to ensure fully play the observation and analysis of channel regulation buildings and promote the solar battery and Integrated beacon of light, built green low-carbon reservoir new waterway and popularize and apply of new material, new energy, new light source

Intelligent Waterway Provide Best Route and Most Reasonable Loading Capacity

In the end of "Twentieth Five Year Construction" Plan, based on construction of GIS platform, electric waterway map platform and other three giant platforms, to realize traffic signal intelligent command in reservoir controlled part, intelligence analysis and decision of waterway maintenance and management, intelligence interaction of waterway comprehensive information, to make the Yangtze River intelligence waterway demonstration sect.

Intelligence waterway system will provide ships in reservoir area detailed depth of navigable channel, count the most reasonable logging amount and the best route. Sailing in reservoir area will be as ease as driving a car with GPS guidance system on land.

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