Three Gorges Navigation Is Facing New Challenge
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Three Gorges Navigation Is Facing New Challenge

Time: 2011-12-25
By: Tiffany

In December 25th, the ship block of Three Gorges Project in Hubei Yichang County where is the largest hydroelectric project – Three Gorges Project located, has broken through the 100 millions tons annual freight volume after it open for eight years. This is its first "100 millions Year".

From 20 millions freight volume in the early period to it has broken through 100 millions record now, Three Gorges Project has reach, even surpass its designed level before 19 years, which represents the pass-through capacity of Three Gorges Project is going to saturation. And Three Gorges is facing new challenge.

Three Gorges ship lock was open in June, 2003, which is the largest double-line ship lock in the world. The year 2030 is its designed year, in which the single line pass-through capacity is 50 millions tons, while the double-line pass-through capacity is 100 millions tons.

Base on the data, the freight volume of Three Gorges ship lock was increasing since it opened in June, 2003. The freight volume reached 34.31 millions tons in 2004, broken through 50 millions tons in 2008, and reached 78.80 millions tons in 2010, and broken through 100 millions, and the annul increase pace is 17%.

"When the ship block opened in June 16th, 2003, the first ships mainly are passenger ships and cargo ships. The ships are small, and the ship block can pass through eight or nine ships once. Now, the ships which pass through the block are big cargo ships, so there only can pass 6 ships once. The cargo pass through the ship block is increasing, and the ship block will work more times everyday!"

In recent years, with the project done and water impounding in Three Gorges project, there formed a high degree waterway from Chongqing to Three Gorges Dam; Chuanjiang River realized navigation both in daytime and night; there are many upstream anabranches which couldn't navigate before can navigate now; thousands miles river which among the gorges has became more flat, and Three Gorges navigation presents out prosperous scene.

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