Three Gorges Dam Top Might Be Opened to Public this Year
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Three Gorges Dam Top Might Be Opened to Public this Year

Time: 2011-8-18
By: Leo
Source: Changjiang Times

We learned that Zigui County of Hubei Province is coordinating the matters of open Three Gorges Dam Top actively. They plan to open Three Gorges Dam Top to visitors again.

It is reported that Three Gorges Dam Top which is 185 meters above the sea level firstly opened to public on June 1, 2005. Visitors here could overlook the discharge of the water closely. China Three Gorges Corporation closed Three Gorges Dam Top at the end of 2007 for the consideration of construction requirement and safety. The Dam Top was opened to public again on April 21, 2009 and then closed till now.

It is said that Zigui County insists upon all-round development of tourism. It breaks the rigid shackle of administrative districts, makes a unified plan and integrates the tourism resources. It aims at making Zigui County a national cultural scenic spot. It merges into the Ecological Culture Tourism Circle of Western Hubei Province initiatively and integrates the natural and cultural tourism resources effectively. It plans to bring out a Panoramic Tour which includes Three Gorges Dam, Cultural Scenic Spot of Qu Yuan's Hometown, Jiuwan Stream and so on.

So far, all the preparatory work has been done basically, the security inspection facilities had been set at positions basically. It could be open to the visitors after the relevant departments give the official reply. To ensure the safety Three Gorges Dam Top will be opened to the visitors orderly and gradually and only for a short period.

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