Scheduled Flights between Yichang and Hongkong Put into Operation
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Scheduled Flights between Yichang and Hongkong Put into Operation

Time: 2011-08-14
By: Tiffany
Source: Xinhua Net

Scheduled flights between Yichang (where Three Gorges Dam is located at) and Hongkong had been put into operation since July 16. It would only take the visitors of Hongkong one and a half hours to fly to Yichang. They could tour the worldly famous Three Gorges Dam, Shennongjia Scenic Area, Ancient City of Three Kingdoms Period, Qingjiang Gallery and so on.

It is reported that the scheduled flights between Yichang and Hongkong are handled by Sichuan Airlines. There are two flights per week respectively on Tuesday and Saturday in peak seasons. They would take off at 16:35 from Yichang and arrive at Hongkong at 18:25; they would take off at 19:25 from Hongkong and back to Yichang at 21:15. There would be only one flight per week in slack seasons. Sichuan Airlines will add more flights subject to the market demand.

Since Three Gorges Dam is located at Yichang, the economic of Yichang is much more international compared with other cities. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development and opening up of Yichang, the economic and trade cooperation between Yichang and Hongkong are increasingly frequent. Hongkong has been an important platform and market for the investment attracting, import and export trading of Yichang.

Yichang City organized the backbone travel agencies, important scenic areas, and top-class hotels leaded by the deputy mayor. They took the first flight to Hongkong to carry out some tourism promotions and sign relevant tourism cooperation agreements with backbone tourism enterprises of Hongkong.

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