Panda and Stegodon Fossils were Found in Three Gorges Area
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Panda and Stegodon Fossils were Found in Three Gorges Area

Time: 2011-9-08
By: Tiffany
Source: Xinhua Net

Archaeologists finished the research and trial excavation work in Xinglong Region (a cultural relic of ancient human beings in Fengjie County of Three Gorges Area). A great quantity of stone implements and animals (panda and stegodon) fossils were found here.

We learned from Chongqing Municipal Media Bureau that archaeologists found something new in this search. They found that Xinglong Region, Tuxiang Region and Taihe Region have a typical Karst topography be formed in ancient times. There are a lot of caves which suitable for people to live in. There are cultural relics of Homo Sapiens Times be discovered. Majiawan Cave in Qingquan Village of Xinglong Town is a typical cave relic. Archeologists found dozens of fossils of Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Baconi, Asiatic Black Bear, Oriental Stegodon, Chinese Rhino, South China Giant Tapir, Sambar and more than 200 of stone implements after they made a small-scale trial excavation in the cave. Those fossils of stone implements and rare animals indicate that there was a profound culture here.

The archeologists state that they could probe into the distribution, migration, culture exchange and transmission of Neoanthropus Home Sapiens in Chongqing Area through the comparative analysis of the relics. This kind of comparative analysis has great significance in the research of the inheritance and change of the regional culture.

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