Goods Pass through Three Gorges Dam Over 90 Million Tons
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Goods Pass through Three Gorges Dam Over 90 Million Tons

Time: 2011-11-07
By: Tiffany
Source: xinhua

After water impounding, Three Gorges Reservoir area appeared the scenery of smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges, and it has became golden waterway. After the water impounding of Three Gorges Reservoir in 2003, Yangtze River marine quickly developed. The goods amount pass through Three Gorges Dam are increasing every year. In October, the amount of goods pass through Three Gorges Reservoir area reached 90.92 million tons which is the amount of 2010.

Three Gorges ship lock started built in May 17th, 1994, and accomplished in June, 16th, 2003, which open another page of Yangtze River marine. In the eight years, China Three Gorges Company kept the ship lock equipments on working by strengthen maintains, repairs and renovate. The data showed, up to October 30th, 2011, the amount of goods pass through Three Gorges ship lock has reached 440 million tons; adding the transshipment goods, the amount is 530 million tons. That's the 2.5 times of goods amount before Three Gorges water impounding and after Gezhouba Dam ship lock on work( 22 years).

Three Gorges Reservoir began trial water impounding in 2008. With the increase of water level, the advantages of Yangtze River navigation become more obvious. These advantages are showed by data. From 2008, the goods amount which pass through Three Gorges Dam broken 60 million tons, 70 million tons and 80 million tons in the three years, complete the "Three Stage Jump" In the first ten months of this year, the goods amount of Three Gorges ship lock and Three Gorges Reservoir area is 84.28 million tons and 90.92 million tons, both of them have over the amount of 2010 and set a new record. In winter, Yangtze River navigation will come to the small "high peak" for transporting electricity coal. We can sure that the goods amount of Three Gorges Project can over 100 million tons, this will be the new height of Three Gorges navigation.

At present, Three Gorges Project 175 meters trial water impounding has completed. During water impounding, Three Gorges ship lock average worked 29.4 times per day, average goods amount is 9822 tons, and every ship goods amount is 1890 tons. That increase 14.2%, 17.2% and 19.8%than last year.

Cao Guangrong who is the deputy director of operating department, Three Gorges Project said: under the principle of "make overhaul become small repairs, and make small repairs become daily work", the preparation work of annual repairs of 2012 has started. At the same time, Three Gorges Company is developing the Three Gorges navigation ability with other related companies by a series of measures to take advantages of three Gorges navigation benefits.

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