Gezhouba Dam and Three Gorges Ship Locks Overhaul Will Start in March 7th
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Gezhouba Dam and Three Gorges Ship Locks Overhaul Will Start in March 7th

Time: 2011-12-28
By: Tiffany
Source: Three Gorges News .net

Gezhouba Dam No.1 ship lock planed overhaul and annual Three Gorges ship lock overhaul will start in March 7th, 2012. Each of these two projects will last for 55 days and 20m days. As predicted, they will be end in April 30th and March 26th.

According to the information from Yangtze River Three Gorges Navigation Board that Gezhouba Dam ship locks will be overhauled every six years, and the last time overhaul was in the end of 2005. During the overhaul period, No.2 and No.3 ship locks of Gezhouba Dam still work; the north line ship lock will take the operation way that "double-sides operation, and change the direction on specific time".

In order to relieve the pressure of ships detention, during the south line overhaul period, the ships, excluding passenger ships from Three Gorges Dam port to Nanjing, will transport passengers by other ways to over the dam. After the south line annual overhaul completed, Three Gorges ship locks will work normally. Except long distance passenger ships, Gezhouba Dam ship locks will continue limit other passenger ships pass through the locks.

When the ships pass through the lock, the ships which with special tasks, long distance passenger ships, ships with fresh and perishable goods, emergency material transportation ships, fast container ships, and ships for transporting vehicles can pass the lock firstly; the other ships should pass the lock in order by the time when they arrive at here. There will limit the empty common goods ships pass through Three Gorges ship locks and Gezhouba Dam ship locks.

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