Fog and Rain Envelop Three Gorges Dam, Bad Weather Will Continue
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Fog and Rain Envelop Three Gorges Dam, Bad Weather Will Continue

Time: 2011-11-29
By: Tiffany

At 13:00 in 29th, Badong water area in Three Gorges Dam was enveloped by dense frog and rain, middle stream of Yangtze River is full of dense frog. This bad weather has lasting three days in Three Gorges Dam district and middle stream of Yangtze River. Maritime authority has started the safe plan in bad weather; coastal patrol vessel garrison important water area to ensure the safe in reservoir area, bridge area, ports and important ferries.

It is said that the strong cold air in north side began to influence Yichang, Hubei province from 27th, and it caused warm and humid air lifted up and convection became stronger. At 3:00 in 28th, rain complained with thunder in Yichang city and nearby districts, district along river, and it lasted about 3 days. There also fell down hailstorm in Yiling district, Three Gorges Dam district. Many places are enveloped by dense fog and it lead to flights delayed and many high-speed ways were blocked.

Journalists got information from Yichang Maritime Authority that bad weather have an effect on safe sailing in reservoir area and they have started the safe plan for the bad weather. They set out 20 coastal patrol vessels, 200 maritime law enforcement officials to garrison in reservoir area, bridge area, and port area. At the same time, they also strengthen cruising at night; site safeguard ships passing by; send weather information to ships by message, GPS and other way quickly; ask shipman to choose safe place to port in time to eliminate any factors which will affect safe sailing.

It is introduced by maritime authority that to ensure students can go to school safely, Badong and Guizhou maritime authority carry out site safeguard when students taking ship.

Meteorological department predict that the dense fog weather will continue in next days. They forecast there will appear strong wind, fall in temperature and rain in today and tomorrow; the temperature will fall down 6℃ to 8℃; there will appear dense fog over the river which will affect safe sailing. Except this, cold air will come from north side in middle of December. So, this temperature reduction will lead Yangtze River area come into winter, and bad weather will continue.

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