Dense Fog in Three Gorges Area Affects Safe Sailing in Yangtze River
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Dense Fog in Three Gorges Area Affects Safe Sailing in Yangtze River

Time: 2011-11-30
By: Tiffany
Source: china

In 30th, the rainy weather in Three Gorges area, middle and down stream of Yangtze River didn't end and the temperature is decreasing, there appeared dense fog and snow in some areas. All of these will affect safe sailing in Three Gorges area. Yangtze River Maritime Authority carried out great examination to cool resist, froze resist, skid prevention and accident prevention under the bad weather in winter to ensure safe and unclogged sailing in Yangtze River area.

It was introduced by Chen Hualing who is the prime minister of Yichang Maritime Authority that dense fog often appear in Yangtze River in winter, and the dense fog decreased visibility which will bring disadvantages to safe sailing.

Aimed at bad weather, Yangtze River Maritime Authority asked all ships and ship organizations pay more attention to weather changing. Ships passing by Three Gorges area and middle stream of Yangtze River must pay more attention to visibility. When the visibility is low, they must choose a safe place to moor as early as them can, instead of going on in dense fog. When anchoring, they must strengthen guard and ring the fog signal as required. When visibility increases, they should unmoor in order under the command of site coastal patrol vessels; in safe sailing speed; report the ship information timely; keep safe distance with other ships; should not rush into port to prevent the accidents of crashing, stranding, striking aground.

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