Chinese Sturgeon Appeared again after Decades of Disappearance
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Chinese Sturgeon Appeared again after Decades of Disappearance

Time: 2011-10-11
By: Leo

Yesterday, a fisherman at Jiangzhou Town of Jiujiang County caught a Chinese sturgeon unexpectedly. Fortunately, the fisherman had some knowledge about Chinese sturgeon. He found it has a long body and sharp mouth with four tentacles. He called the local fishery administration and finally proved that it is a Chinese sturgeon.

This is the second discovery of Chinese sturgeon in Yangtze River according to the experts in the fishery administration. Another fisherman caught a Chinese sturgeon on July 21. Chinese sturgeon had never been discovered in Yangtze River in the past decades. The Chinese sturgeon was released back to Yangtze River since it is in a good health condition.

Chinese sturgeon is a rare and ancient anadromous migration fish living in Yangtze River. It is one of the most primitive existing fishes which existed with dinosaurs in the world. It has been listed as a fish under national first-class protection.

Experts said that Chinese sturgeon was frequently discovered in Yangtze River, especially be discovered in upper reaches of Yangtze River marks the recovery of the population of Chinese sturgeon. The appearance of Chinese sturgeon in Yangtze River is greatly due to the 10-year ban of "no catching of Chinese Sturgeon".

Recent years, a lot of measures had been adopted to ensure the survival and reproduction of precious aquatic animals, including Chinese sturgeon, Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle, Yangtze River finless porpoise and Yangtze River dolphin in Yangtze River.

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