Business Pedestrian on Luxurious Yangtze Cruise Ship
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Business Pedestrian on Luxurious Yangtze Cruise Ship

Time: 2010-3-23 7:03:00
By: Rena Zhao

5-star Luxurious Cruise Ship

Next year, the new 5-star luxurious cruise ships will sail in the Three Gorges of Yangtze River. Yesterday, on the meeting - "Accelerating the Construction of the Three Gorges International Golden Tour Area", according to the Chongqing Tourism Investment Group, in 2012, they will launch 18 new 5-star luxurious cruise ships and they plan to build 5 ships which are expected to be launched in the next year. Those new cruise ships are designed referring to the international cruise ship. They are 35% wider than the old cruise ship and business pedestrian will be built inside the ship.

"The original cruise ship already cannot fully meet the needs of tourism." According to the relevant staff of Chongqing Tourism Investment Group, this year they will build more than 5 new 5-star cruise ships. Those new cruise ships were designed referring to the international cruise ship. The inner side of the cruise ship will be hollowed to build a commercial street. The old cruise ships are about 19 meters wide which can not meet the requirement, thus, the new cruise ships will be widen to 26 meters, one meter higher than the old one. What's more, the new cruise ships is totally a floating 5-star hotel. How to make the price of the luxury cruise? The staff said it is not determined right now and they will price it according to the market price.

18 luxury cruise ships will be launched within three years

"In 2012, there will be 18 5-star cruise ships, with the current 12 cruise ships, a total of 30 ships" said by the vice mayor of Chongqing Tan Qiwei. The government will focus on supporting 3 or 5 enterprises to enter the high-end cruise ship and yacht market. It is reported that until the 30 5-star cruise ships launched on Yangtze River, there will be 10,000 beds solving the short supply of the high-end cruise ships. Chongqing Tourism Investment Group said they planned to invest 200 million RMB to construct 10 5-star cruise ships and 10 specialty cruise ships.

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