Another Luxury Cruise Ship - Yangtze 2 is about to Set Sail
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Another Luxury Cruise Ship - Yangtze 2 is about to Set Sail

Time: 2011-8-25
By: Leo
Source: Chongqing Daily

It is reported that another luxury cruise ship – Yangtze 2 is about to start its first trip after President Prime and Yangtze Gold 1 put into operation in the first half of the year. Then Yangtze 2 will add beauty to the scenery of Three Gorges.

Yangtze 2 is manufactured by Changjiang Cruise Overseas Travel Corporation. CCOTC made a huge investment in the construction of Yangtze 2. It is 139.05 meters long, 19.8 meters wide and 17 meters high. It has 6 floors with 200 cabins. Its gross tonnage reaches 13000 tons and its maximum capacity reaches 452 people. The number of president suits, deluxe suites, business cabins and executive cabins takes 20 percent of the all cabins.

The main technical indicators of Yangtze 2 top in the cruise ships on inland rivers so far. It is the biggest cruise ship with biggest tonnage, biggest capacity, most complete facilities and most advanced energy-saving and environment-protection technology. Its design team is leaded by famous ship-designer Zhong Shoudao. They adopted the most advanced design concept and style of cruise ship in the world. They break up the traditional construction structure of cruise ships on Yangtze River and implement the great-leap-forward development of new cruise ships on Yangtze River. The manufacture and decoration of Yangtze 2 are up to the standard of Platinum Five-star Cruise Ship. It represents the top level of the cruise ships on inland rivers in the world.

The operation of Yangtze 2 marks the advancement of Yangtze River cruise and the upgrade of Yangtze River Cruise industry. It will turn the traditional travel and sightseeing into leisure vacation. That highlights the characteristic of taking the cruise ship as a travel destination.

Yangtze 2 has an indoor swimming pool with constant temperature and constant humidity which you could not find on the cruse ships on inland rivers. There are theater equipped with the best acoustic facilities and international conference hall with simultaneous interpretation. There is the largest sundeck and multi-function performing hall which covers an area of more than 700 square meters. There are also Chinese restaurant, business restaurant, sun bar, coffee house, library, entertainment room, hydrotherapy house, shopping mall, exclusive shops of famous international brands, jewelry stores and sightseeing elevators.

All these facilities on Yangtze 2 would create a beautiful and comfortable environment for visitors and ensure them a leisure vacation. The activities held on board will be much more rich and colorful; visitors could enjoy high-quality service.

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