A Flood Safely Passed Through Three Gorges
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A Flood Safely Passed Through Three Gorges

By: Tiffany Loh
Source: Guangzhou Daily

The hydrological data of Three Gorges indicated that the reservoir inflow was 33,900 cubic meters per second at 14:00, July 9. Decreased 2,100 cubic meters per second compared with the maximum flood of 36,000 cubic meters at 8:00, July 9. The new flood formed at the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River passed through the Three Gorges safely. The Maritime Safety Administration of Chongqing, Three Gorges and Yichang spare no effort to the navigation safety, the boats and ships passed through the Three Gorges safely without any danger during the new round of flooding.

It was the heaviest regional downpour since the flood season began in July 1 in Sichuan province. Yesterday afternoon, the flood reached Jialing River near Beibei. That increased 9.76 meters compared with the earlier day. The water here was pretty muddy for the arrival of the flood. The Three Gorges Dam increased its outflow from 18,000 cubic meters per second to 21,000 cubic meters per second from 10:00, July 7, and increased to 28,300 cubic meters per second 8:00, July 8 in order to prepare for the new flood.

The Maritime Safety Administration of Yangtze River carried out the precaution, warning and emergency disposal of the bad weather, the geological hazard in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, and the big flood actively. They also coordinated with the local government to carry out the flood fighting and rescue work, remind the boats and ships of cruising carefully, prevent the floating trees from doing harm to the boats and ships, as well as report the lost and displacement of the navigation aids to the local Channel Administrative Department. Each wharf and barge should check the working condition of the anchor cable timely, prevent dragging and stranding. Meanwhile, the Maritime Safety Administration of Yichang required the Marine Department of Badong and Guizhou to contact the local rescue department; the patrol ships increase the frequency of the cruise of the potential landslides, and remind the boats and ships stay away from the potential landslides. All these work was done to ensure the safe cruise of Three Gorges area.

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