10 Million RMB to Encourage Travel Agencies Attracting Overseas Visitors
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10 Million RMB to Encourage Travel Agencies Attracting Overseas Visitors

Time: 2009-4-21 15:45:00
By: Laura Liu
Source: Baidu.com

Chongqing prepares to give a shopping tax reduction to the overseas visitors.

This year, the reception number of visitors and tourism income will obtain 30% growth. Yesterday in Chongqing at tourism meeting, the vice mayor Tan Qiwei said that Chongqing will spend 10 million RMB to encourage travel agencies to attract more overseas visitors, and preparing to give a shopping tax reduction to the overseas visitors in order to promote the development of tourism of Chongqing.

Chongqing Tourism Investment Group will build the largest inland river cruise ships

As Tan Qiwei introduced that Chongqing Tourism Investment Group will invest 2,000,000,000 RMB to build 10 large luxurious cruise ship and 10 smaller specialty Three Gorges cruise ships within two years. It is reported that the first luxurious cruise ship of Chongqing Tourism Investment Group will be built in this month and will be launched in May next year. 150,000,000 RMB will be invested to build "Yangtze Gold 1" – the best Yangtze Cruise ship of Three Gorges.

The ship is 136 meters long, 19.6 meters wide, a total of 6 decks, can hold 345 people. It will be the largest inland 5-star luxurious cruise ship. The General Manager Chen Jianwei of Chongqing Tourism Investment Group said that they had a luxurious cruise ship, only 1/12 of the "Yangtze Gold 1", but holding more than 400 people.

Chen Jianwei said "Yangtze Gold 1" has 2 presidential suites, 2 deluxe suites, 16 deluxe single cabins, 29 executive suites and 165 standard cabins. Among them, the presidential suite with the total area of about 269.8 square meters, is currently 4 times bigger than the other cruise ships' presidential suites.

In addition, the ship is equipped with a 822 square metres conference room, and simultaneous interpretation equipments. At the same time, Chongqing Tourism Investment Group will build 10 smaller Three Gorges cruise ships cruising from Wushan to the Dachang Ancient Town.

Shopping, Chongqing will launch a "Shopping Trip"

Chongqing will launch a "Shopping Trip." Tan Qiwei said that the Chongqing tourism enterprises should actively carry out the Chongqing "Shopping Trip" and associate with domestic and foreign tourism enterprises, let the foreign tourists participate in the shopping trip and purchase local products of Chongqing.

Tan Qiwei said that they would arrange 10,000,000 RMB this year to increase the number of inbound tourists beyond the number of last year. It is reported that last year the city finance takes out 5,000,000 RMB to encourage the travel agency, and the number of inbound tourists break through 1 million, the goal of this year is an increase of 30%.

"Chongqing Travel Passport" is being edited. After the Spring Festival, it is expected to meet the public requirements. The travel passport is a booklet collecting more than 100 tourist attractions tickets, coupons of travel agencies, hotels and restaurants. The first edition will be issued 50,000 copies. Then, the visitors from home and abroad coming to Chongqing can get average 20% discount of their tour expenses.

Policy, preparing to decrease the shopping taxes for the foreign tourists

The State Council issued the opinions about the policy of promoting tourism development Chongqing will make a series of preferential policies based on central government's policy. For example, the departure tax and tax exemption or reduction shopping policy for the overseas tourist.

Tan Qiwei also said that Chongqing government will encourage to hold large tourism and cultural performances or festivals, international road cycling competition, professional golf circuit and other sport events.

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