Shennong Stream
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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream – Brief Introduction

Shennong Stream is a constant flowing stream of the north shore on Yangtze River, in Badong County, originated from the south slope of Shengnongjia. Shennong Stream stretches over 60 kilometers, relative elevation is about 2,900 meters. The narrowest river course is much less than 5 meters. The angles of the cliffs are about 80 to 90 degrees. Shennong Stream joins Yangtze River at the mouth of Wu Gorge in the east. It is a national AAAA grade scenic area.

Shennong Stream – Beautiful Landscape

The landscape of Shennong Stream has its own features: magnificent, elegant and arduous. Shennong Stream Scenic Area is about 32 kilometers, including 4 natural gorges with distinguishing features: Shennong Gorge, Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge, and Longchang Gorge. The total area is 57.5 square kilometers. What a pleasure to watch lush plants, myriads of flowers, the monkeys playing under the azure. There are more than 60 caves, and more than 30 rapids, long beaches, shallows. The stream is deep and green. Pervaded waterfalls, suspending coffins, plank road, original sailboats, ancient villages and Tujia custom make a natural and rustic charming attraction. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sceneries by taking the sailboat or environment- friendly cruise.

Shennong Stream – Unique Themes

The themes of Shennong Stream attraction are: the canyon scenery, boat trackers culture, Tujia dance and dragon boat racing. Among them, the work songs of the boat trackers and the towing have been extinct for many years in the whole Yangtze River area. But in Shennong Stream, the towing has been preserved because of the request of the development of tourism. The boat trackers of Shennong Stream is the best in Three Gorges, they have gain their fame at home and abroad with the prevalence of a folk song "Boat Trackers' Love". Even though the water level reached 135 meters, the towing still remains as a unique, irreplaceable tourism feature.

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