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Yangtze Gold Cruise

Yangtze Gold Cruise

The Yangtze Gold Cruises on Yangtze River is the outcome of international cooperation; it is constructed and operated under the 5-star standard. It can offer you the best services, delicious food, and luxurious facilities. You can enjoy the only real luxury Yangtze River cruise.

To ensure the comfort of the ship, extra 20 million RMB was invested in the building of the ship. They uses the top-level accessories to equip the noise reduction facility and the environmental protection facility. The sound of the ships on the inland rivers is always above 65 decibels. Through the utilization of the advanced technology from Germany and the noise reduction technology, the Yangtze Gold 1 can lower its sound to 45 decibels in the public area, about 40 decibels in the cruise cabins, and this sound is even lower than ordinary air-conditioners.

The maximum capacity of the Yangtze Gold 1 is 350 persons and there is no other cruise ship on the Yangtze River has such a capacity. You can enjoy the most sincere and personalized services here. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Yangtze River in your own cabin since all the cabins have their own balconies. The deliberately selected red wine, local beer and bottled water are available during dinners.

After the launching of the Yangtze Gold 1, the other 4 cruise ships will make their debuts in succession. The last 5 cruise ships will launch in the second half of 2012. Then, a fleet made of 10 luxury cruise ships will be a new name card of the Three Gorges Tourism and a beautiful floating landscape on the Yangtze River.

  • Yangtze Gold 1

    The Yangtze Gold 1 is the product of international cooperation. It has made its first voyage on May 28, 2011. It is constructed and operated under the international 5-star cruise ship standard. This cruise ship is like a 5-star hotel floating on Yangtze River. It has a series of entertainments and ...

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