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Orient Royal Cruises

Orient Royal Cruises

Orient Royal Cruises is a 5-star cruise fleet of Three Gorges on Yangtze River approved by the State Bureau of Tourism. Orient Royal Cruises is the most characteristic fleet on Yangtze River. The world famous Bill Gates - the president of Microsoft, Warren Buffet - the famed US investor, Henry Kissinger - the former Secretary of United States, Gerard Levin - the president of Time Warner, the Rockefeller families, and some senators of United States all chose the "Yangtze Explorer" or "Emperor", belonging to Orient Royal Cruises to enjoy a wonderful trip on the Yangtze River. Their choice must be the right and the best choice.

The "Yangtze Explorer" was designed by the top-level designers in the world. The body of the ship was designed by the famous France ship designer Anthony Dugdale, and the internal decoration was designed by the famous British designer Andrew Sobenko. The "Yangtze Explorer" integrates the most advanced concept and the most classic concept.
There are 62 guest rooms on "Yangtze Explorer". Its maximum capacity is 124 persons, and the other five-star cruise ships’ capacity is about 300 persons normally. The standard guest room covers an area of 27 square meters and has a balcony which takes 3.5 square meters. The guest rooms here are 1.8-2 times of the rooms on other 5-star cruise ships.
There are complete facilities on the ships: specialty restaurants, air-conditioned sight-seeing bar on the top floor, sightseeing elevators, and SPA which covers more than 600 square meters. They are managed by the international famous professional teams. The management team is made up of experienced foreign professionals who have worked in hotels or on ocean cruise ships for many years. The scenic spots introduction on the way and the visitors' activities would be led by the foreign client service manager who masters both Chinese and western culture. The food supplied on the ship would be managed by the experienced executive chef from Western Europe. The free cherished wine, beer, and soft drink are available in the dinners.

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    The Yangtze Explorer is one of the best and most luxurious cruise ships cruising on Yangtze River. It is a 5-star cruise ship on Yangtze River approved by the State Bureau of Tourism. The world famous Bill Gates- the president of Microsoft, Warren Buffet - the famed US investor, Henry Kissinger- the ...

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