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Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – Dragon Cruise

Dragon Cruise

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – Details of Dragon Cruise

As one of deluxe Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing, the Dragon Cruise is Chinese royal standard tourist ship which built under five-star standard. It is 93 meters long, 17.4 meters wide, and the navigation speed can reach 32 kilometers per hour. The special ship hull of Dragon Cruise just looks like a giant dragon, reflected out the strong totem worship and ceaseless nationality spirit of Chinese people.

Yangtze Cruise from Chongqing – Dragon Culture on Dragon Cruise

The Dragon Cruise paid more attention to express the current affairs and custom in "The Golden Age of Three Emperors". The various living facilities, resplendent and magnificent construction and decoration completely reappeared the standardized service in the palace. All of these showed the rights, luxury and enjoyment of the emperor at the golden age. The Dragon Cruise combines the construction style of nationality Han's subtle and delicate with nationality Man's boorish together. The grand construction and delicate decoration on the Dragon Cruise will give you deep impression about the royal culture in China.

In the reception hall, there are many carved flying clouds and running dragons on the doors and walls. On the upright columns in the hall, curled-up dragons hug together. Some of them are making fun with each other; some of them are looking each other angrily; while some of them are flying among the clouds. About the interior decoration, there are colorful stones under the curios, classical colored drawings on the suspending palace lantern; the red doors are as thick as mirror and the giant Buddha statue is as vividly as real. All the decoration on the Dragon Cruise is around dragon. About the carved beams and painted rafter, there are curled-up dragons, running dragons, downside dragons, upper dragons, sleeping dragons and flying dragons on them; about the daily life, there are dragon beds, dragon chairs, dragon flags, dragon clothes, dragon table wares and dragon dishes; about the recreation and culture life, there are dragon musical instruments, dragon chess and poker, dragon calligraphies, dragon songs and dances, dragon totem and so on.

All the service personnel on the Dragon Cruise are trained with strict and systematic training of palace life, folk daily life and modern management concept. They are in Qing Dynasty clothes and walk around on the ship to offer service for passenger. Guests of Dragon Cruise can dress the special clothes of royalty or nobility to fully appreciate the enjoyment and luxury of royal life.

There are 9,999 dragons in different shapes on the Dragon Cruise. During the breaks of enjoying the beautiful scenery of Three Gorges, passengers can find and count out where these dragons are. Passenger who can speak out where these dragons are can get 100 RMB as reward.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – Diet on Dragon Cruise

The "Emperor's Diet Room" on the Dragon Cruise can contain 180 guests to have meal together. It offers passengers various delicious foods and famous dishes with different flavor, which can meet different diet requirements of passengers.

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