Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing
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Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing

Yangtze Cruise

There are many Yangtze Cruises set off from Chongqing, and the terminal includes Yichang County and Shanghai. There is brief introduction about the cruises which set off from Chongqing.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – Victoria Cruises

Yangtze Victoria Cruises is the only American cruise line on the Yangtze River.

All cabins on Yangtze Victoria Cruises are outside.

Fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets served in a single seating, and alternate dining arrangements available in la carte dining room.

Various onboard activities and recreational programs are served on Yangtze Victoria Cruises.

The cruises of Yangtze Victoria include: Victoria Jenna, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Grace, Victoria Selina, Victoria Anna, Victoria Sophia, Victoria Lianna.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – New Century Cruises

New Century Cruises is the highest standard of Chinese tourist cruises.

New Century Cruises will offer passengers the most luxurious and the highest standard cruise experience.

New Century Cruises got the reputation that the most luxurious tourist cruises of inland river in the world.

The cruises of New Century Cruises include: New Century Diamond, New Century Star, New Century Sky, New Century Sun and New Century Emerald.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – Orient Royal Cruises

Orient Royal Cruises were the choice of Bill Gate and some distinguished persons.

Orient Royal Cruises have luxurious hardware and facilities, thoughtful service.

Orient Royal Cruises is the choice of super deluxe and honor.

The cruises of Orient Royal Cruises include Yangtze Explore and Oriental Emperor.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – President Cruises

President Cruises is large luxurious tourist fleet on the Yangtze River.

President Cruises run on the main stream of the Yangtze River year round.

Most cabins on President Cruises are outside.

President Cruises will stop at the landscapes which gathered humanity, nature and modern together.

The food on President Cruises is famous on Yangtze River.

Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing – OTC Cruises

OTC Cruises are the oldest tourist cruises on the Yangtze River.

It owns the largest four-star tourist fleet in China.

It is the tourist fleet with different shapes and construction style.

OTC Cruises offer passengers the culture and recreational experience which full of Chinese classic charm.

Visitors who take OTC Cruises can enjoy the scenery of Three Gorges and know Chinese royal culture.

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