Tips for Visiting Caves Safely
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Tips for Visiting Caves Safely

There are a lot of famous caves in Three Gorges Area, such as Huangxian Cave, Xueyu Cave, Three Visitors Cave, Shimen Cave, Golden Lion Cave, Yellow Dragon Cave, Ancient Rhino Cave, and Summer Ice Cave and so on.

These caves are always characterized by dark and dank with narrow and winding paths since they are pretty deep and lack of sunshine all year around. Besides, the ground of the caves is uneven and the caves are always porous. It is easy to get slipped and get hurt. So you should pay particular attention to your safety when you are visiting caves.

First, to avoid getting tripped you'd better bring a flashlight with you when you visiting dark caves. Sometimes there are flashlights for rent at the entrance of the caves.

Second, slow down you steps and don't keep walking while staring at the landscapes.

Third, the aged ones should visit the caves with a stick. It could used to explore the way and support their body. That would be safe and labor-saving.

Fourth, the temperature inside the caves is much lower compared with the outside. You'd better bring a warm coat with you. Visitors with weak health should pay more attention to keep warm.

Fifth, you'd better wear a respirator since the air in the caves is rather foul. Don't stay in the caves too long and breathe some fresh air after you get out of the caves.

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