Contrast of Upstream Route and Downstream Route
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Contrast of Upstream Route and Downstream Route

Presently, there are two different travel routes about luxurious Yangtze River Cruise: upstream route and downstream route. The two routes will stop at every coastal sight spots.

Advantages of Downstream Route

1) As the speed of ship is fast (the average speed about 28-30 kilometers per hour), so the downstream route needs less time.

2) The ship will not sail in the night so that the rest and entertainment on the ship will not be affected by the travel route. (Because most entertainment facilities and dinning-hall located on the end part of the ship where shaking is obvious)

3) In the daytime, you can go to enjoy the coastal sight spots and the ship will wait here. You can fully enjoy the Three Gorges scenery.

Disadvantages of Downstream Route

1)As the speed of ship is very fast, so the time to pass sight spots is very short. Just like passing by the 8 kilometers Qutang Gorge only need few seconds. When you are enjoying the scenery, you may forget to take photos.

2)The cost of downstream Route is higher than the upstream route.

Advantages of Upstream Route

1)The average speed of upstream ship is 15-18 kilometers per hour. You will have enough time to enjoy the coastal scenery, listen to the explanation, ask questions and take photos.

2)Low cost. As the upstream route need longer time than downstream route, so the cost is less 10 percent to 30 percent. If you count it by days, the single price even low.

3)The luxurious cruise offer you much relax time to learn the Chinese landscape culture and history; attend the healthcare lecture and join the entertainment.

Disadvantages of Upstream Route

1)The speed of ship is slow. Sometimes, in order to reach the next sight spot, ship will sail in the night. That will affect you rest and miss little part of coastal scenery.

2)The time to go aboard mostly in night, which may affect you rest and the next day's activities.

Currently, most luxurious cruises in Yangtze River pay more attention to the upstream route and the land activities plan; make you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Three Gorges and the unfettered life, taste Chinese cate and sense traditional culture.

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