Tips for Three Gorges Dam Tour
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Tips for Three Gorges Dam Tour

Three Gorges Dam

Tips for Three Gorges Dam Tour – Ticket

The ticket of Three Gorges Dam scenic area is 105 RMB per person, and the half price ticket is 57 RMB per person. The ticket includes the cost of sightseeing vehicle. If there are spare quotas for sightseeing on the dam top part, visitors who are having full price ticket can visit the dam top part for free. Visitors who can come into Three Gorges scenic area for free only need to hand over 10 RMB per person as transportation fee. All visitors who are holding free ticket, half price ticket or preferential ticket must hand over 10 RMB per person for sightseeing on the top of the dam.

Preferential Policies:

1. Children who less than 1.2 meters tall is free.

2. Children who taller than 1.2 meters, but less than 1.4 meters can but half price ticket.

3. Children who taller than 1.4 meters must buy full price ticket.

4. Visitors who less than 60 years old must buy full price ticket.

5. Visitors who is between 60 and 69 years old, and students can buy half price ticket with valid documents.

6. Visitors who older than 70 can come into the scenic area for free with the identification card.

7. There are over 11 visitors in the group (exclude preferential children and old people), can buy group preferential ticket.

Tips for Three Gorges Dam Tour – Transportation

There are several ways to Three Gorges Dam from Yichang:

Visitors can first take bus to the tourist reception center of Three Gorges Dam scenic area, and then transfer to the Three Gorges Dam by taking sightseeing bus in the scenic area.

If you drive car by yourself, you can first reach the Yichang Dongshan Development Zone Toll Station by Hanyi Highway. Then, come into the special highway of Three Gorges Dam. To handle the admission procedure at the reception center, and there are guide to lead way for you for free. After you reach Liuzashou Tourism Reception Center, you can transfer the sightseeing bus in scenic area.

Tips for Three Gorges Dam Tour – Best Time for Three Gorges Dam Tour

As the climate in Three Gorges Dam area belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. So the precipitation is rich and climate is moderate. The annual average temperature at here is about 17℃, and winter is warm. The average temperature at here is higher than other places on the same latitude. The best time for Three Gorges Dam tour is spring.

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