Three Gorges Dam Tour
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Three Gorges Dam Tour

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Introduction of Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area

The Three Gorges Dam is appearing its unique charm in tourism sightseeing. When you climb up the dam, the tremendous cataract is under your feet. You will really feel its grand momentum. The Three Gorges Dam looks like a dragon is flying out from the sea, also looks like a beautiful rainbow is crossing over on the river. The mountains on the both banks are green, and surrounded by river; small islands distribute among them; the streams are wandering among mountains, and gorges and mountains are criss-cross. The beautiful natural scenery will make you feel like in a gallery, so amazing.

Three Gorges Dam tourism area was officially opened to public in 1997. It has Three Gorges Exhibition Hall, Tanziling Park, 185 Park, Jinba Park and Memorial Park five parks. The whole area of the Three Gorge Dam scenic area is 15.28 square kilometers. The whole scenic spot is based on the largest water conservancy project in the world – Three Gorges Project to fully reveal project culture and water conservancy culture, offers sightseeing, scientific education, recreation and some other multifunction service to visitors, combines modern project, natural scenery and human landscape together, makes it become tourist resort in worldwide tourists' heart.

Three Gorges Dam Tour - Characteristic Landscape

River Closure Theme Park

The elegance dance be aided with melodious folk music, dynamic rhythm combines with dazzling skills, the rich industrial tourism theme performance present out great vitality; the passionate full of enchanting Three Gorges style. It creates out a beautiful and dynamic singing and dancing world, and a relaxing and pleasant happiness sea.

Sightseeing Platform on the Dam

When standing on the 185 meters high dam crest to see the spillway scene, you may feel grander and more instant than before. If you come here at sunny day, you may see a beautiful rainbow in the water fog on the upper side of surging water.


Tanziling Scenic Spot is the first series 4A class scenic area, which is also the earliest developed scenic spot in Three Gorges Dam. It was opened in 1997. As the sightseeing platform at the top part looks like an upside down crock, hence the name. The site of Tanziling is the survey point of Three Gorges Dam, where is the best point to view the whole scenery of Three Gorges Project. At there, you not only can see the grand Three Gorges Dam, but also can view the bidirection five stages ship lock

185 Platform

The 185 Platform is located on the left bank the highway on the top of Three Gorges Dam, which is as high was Three Gorges Dam. It is famous for the 185 meters latitude, which same as Three Gorges Dam. When you look down from the platform, you will feel like staying on the top of the dam. At the same time, the 135 meters high water level at here will give you quiet lake feelings.

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