Tips for Climbing Huangshan Mountain
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Tips for Climbing Huangshan Mountain

1.You'd better start from Yungu Temple if you choose to climb on Huangshan Mountain by foot. It is more labor-saving compared with start from other places. If you plan to get on the top of the Huangshan Mountain by cable cars, you can start from Ciguang Pavilion since it is much more time-saving in peak seasons.

2.There are hotels at Yuping Tower. It is very convenient after the Yuping ropeway was completed. If you just need a hotel for one night, you could book a room in North Sea or West Sea scenic spot.

3.Climb Huangshan Mountain lightly. Carry less baggage with you to prevent depleting your physical strength too much.

4.The climate at Huangshan Mountain changes greatly and suddenly. Don't forget to bring a raincoat with you since it is not work to hold up an umbrella for the strong wind.

5.Don't climb the peaks of Huangshan Mountain, especially Tiandu Peak (Heveanly Capital Peak) and Lianhua Peak (Lotus Peak). Don't keep your hand on the chain and don't shelter under a tree during the rain since there is a risk of be struck by the lightning.

6.Bring a coat or thin sweater with you since the temperature on Huangshan Mountain is relatively lower in the morning and evening.

7.Wear a pair of climbing shoes or sneakers since it is easy to get slipped if you wear a pair of leather shoes or plastic shoes. You can by a cane before you climb Huangshan Mountain to ensure your safety.

8.Climb the slowly since the way up to the top of Huangshan Mountain is rather steep. Don't stare at the landscapes while walking. Stop walking if you want to appreciate the landscape.

Best Sightseeing Points

Best Points to Appreciate the Sunrise

Qingliang Platform, Shuguang Pavilion, Shizi Peak (Lion Peak), Shixin Peak, Danxia Peak, Guangming Peak, Yuping Tower

Best Points to Appreciate the Sunset

Paiyun Pavilion, Danxia Peak, Feilaishi, Guangming Peak, Shizi Peak (Lion Peak)

Best Points to Enjoy the Sea of Clouds

Yuping Tower, Qingliang Platform, Baie Ridge, Paiyun Pavilion, Guangming Peak

Best Points to Enjoy the Snow Landscape

North Sea, West Sea, Heavenly Sea, Yuping Tower, Pines Valley, Clouds Valley

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