Three Gorges Project Introduction
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Three Gorges Project Introduction

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Project Introduction – Details about Three Gorges Project

The Three Gorges Project is located on the middle part of Xiling Gorge in Yangtze River Three Gorges, the Sandouping in Yichang, Hubei Province. The Three Gorges Dam is concrete gravity dam, which is 185 meters high. The normal storage water level is 175 meters, the total storage capacity is 18,200,000 KW, and the annual generation capacity is 84,700 million KWH. After the Three Gorges Project completed, it can release the great demand of electricity in East China, Middle China and North China. In May, 2006, the 2309 meters long Three Gorges Dam was completed. The Three Gorges Project is the largest water conservancy project in the world.

The Yangtze River, which is the third longest river in the world, originates from the ridge of the world, and flow by many cities of China. It is beneficial for irrigation and navigation for people on both banks. However, once there is flood, large area fields will be submerged, especially in the Jinjang River part. So, solving the flood control problem in the middle and down reaches of the Yangtze River becomes the first starting point of the Three Gorges Project. In April 3rd, 1992, the idea of Three Gorges Project was passed in the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh National People's Congress. Since then, the largest water conservancy project in the world came into construction stage. In December 14th, 1994, Li Peng announced to the world that the Three Gorges Project began to be built. After the Three Gorges Dam done, there will form a 600 kilometers long giant reservoir, which will become a new scene rarely can be seen in the world.

Three Gorges Project Introduction – Scenic Spots

The Three Gorges Dam is first series national 4A level tourist attraction. It includes five parks, covering 15.28 kilometers area. The Tanziling Park is the highest place to enjoy the Three Gorges Project. When you stand on the Tanziling, to have a look, you can see the whole scenery of the Three Gorges Dam. The Mao Gong Mountain named for its shape looks like Chair Mao, looks very vivid.

After the Three Gorges Reservoir began to store water, the natural scenery of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge will not change. The Three Gorges will attract visitors' attention with its charming scenery. With the construction of Three Gorges Project, the tourist resource in the reservoir area was developed. There will appear a series new landscape in the gorges. Because of the rising water, visitors can directly reach some sight spots by Yangtze Cruise.

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