Three Gorges Project
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Three Gorges Project

Three Gorges Project

Three Gorges Project – Brief Introduction

The full name of Three Gorges Project is Yangtze River Three Gorges Water Conservancy Hub Project. The whole project includes a coagulation gravity type dam, water release gate, a hydropower station behind the dike, a permanent navigation ship lock and a ship lift. The buildings of Three Gorges Project consist of dam, hydropower station and navigation buildings. The dam is 3035 meters long at the top part, 185 meters high, including 14 machines on the left bank of the hydropower station and 12 machine on the right bank, total installed capacity is 18,200,000 KW and annual generating capacity is 84,700 million KWH.

Three Gorges Project – Construction Stages

The Three Gorges Project can be divided into three stages, lasting 18 years. The first stage is five years (1992 – 1997). The first stage, except some preparation works, is mainly to fill first stage cofferdam, dig diversion canal, build concrete cofferdam and the temporary ship lock (120 meters high) on the left bank, and start to build the permanent ship locks on the left bank, lifting machine and the construction of the dam on the left bank. The second stage project is 6 years (1998 – 2003). The main task of the second stage project is to build second stage cofferdam, construct and install the machine of the power station on the left bank; at the same time, going on to complete the construction of permanent ship lock and lifting machine. The third stage project is 6 years (2003-2009). This stage is to carry out the construction of the dam and power station on the right bank, and going on to complete the installment of all the machines. When the three stages project completed, the Three Gorges reservoir became a quiet reservoir in the gorges, which is 600 kilometers long, and 2000 meters wide at the widest part.

Three Gorges Project – Comprehensive Benefits

The Three Gorges Project which has attracted worldwide attention is the largest water conservancy and hydropower project in the world. It has the comprehensive benefits of flood control, power generation, navigation and water supply and so on. The construction of Three Gorge Dam was completed in 2006, and the whole investment of Three Gorges Project was 151,468 million RMB until the end of August, 2009. Since the Three Gorges Project worked under the 135 meters water level, the Three Gorges Project has generated electricity over 350,000 million KWH, and the goods amount passing by Three Gorges ship locks broken through 300 million tons, which is the total amount of Gezhouba Dam in the past twenty years. It preliminarily achieved power generation and navigation benefits. After 17 years construction, the Three Gorges Project has achieved decisive success, and preliminary tasks were basically completed. With the 175 meters high water conservancy project was carried out smoothly, Three Gorges Project came into full operation stage. In October 26th, 2010, the water level of Three Gorges Reservoir reached 175 meters; first time reached the highest water conservancy level as its design. It indicated that the larges water conservancy project in the world can reach the design requirement in every aspect.

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