Three Gorges Project History – Preparation Stage
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Three Gorges Project History – Preparation Stage

Three Gorges Project

Three Gorges Project History – Important Decision and Construction of Organization

After the Three Gorges Project was approved by National People's Congress, the State Department set up State Department Three Gorges Project Construction Commission in January 3rd, 1993 to ensure the Three Gorges Project can be carried out smoothly. This commission is the highest decision making organization, which directly administrate the Three Gorges Project construction. Under this commission, there is an office to charge the daily work and Three Gorges Resettlement and Development Bureau to charge the resettlement work of Three Gorge Project. In September 27th, 1993, the State Department approved to set up China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Development Corporation, who is the owner of Three Gorges Project, totally in charge of the construction, administration work, financing and repaying work of the Three Gorges Project.

Three Gorges Project History – Financing

The fund of the Three Gorges Project mainly comes from the income of electricity generation of Three Gorges Hydropower Station, loan, issue bonds and some other ways.

Three Gorges Project History – Construction

In May 25th, 1992, the preliminary design of the Three Gorges Project which put forward by Yangtze River Commission was passed; they began to set hands on the technique design work. In July 1st, 1994, the Three Gorges Project in Zhongbaodao part began; the Zhongbaodao disappeared from map since then; and the right bank first stage construction was carried out. In January 15th, 1994, the bid of three buildings of the first stage opened. Then, the successful bid construction unit began to work on the left bank first stage construction. At the same time, the preparation works of the Three Gorges Project also were carried out.

Three Gorges Project History - Land Requisition and Resettlement

In May, 1993, the first immigration village of the Three Gorges Project – Zhongbaodao New Residential Area came into construction. During this time, there totally completed 12,000 persons immigration work. In the end of November, 1993, the historical relics rescue works in Zhongbaodao (the site of Three Gorges Dam) finished.

Three Gorges Project History – Three Gorges Project Starts

After two years hard working, the infrastructure of Three Gorges Dam was almost done. The project on the both banks was fully carried out. And the preparation work of the Three Gorges Project was successfully done. In December 14th, 1994, Li Peng announced to the world that the great Three Gorges Project officially starts.

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