Three Gorges Dam Tour – Hometown of Qu Yuan
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Three Gorges Dam Tour – Hometown of Qu Yuan

Hometown of Qu Yuan

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Hometown of Qu Yuan Introduction

The hometown of Qu Yuan is located in the new county of Zigui, 600 meters away from the Three Gorges Dam. The Hometown of Qu Yuan covers 500 mus, where can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of deep gorge and quiet lake. At the same time, 24 gorge and river historical relics, which represented by Qu Yuan Temple and Jiangdu Temple, were moved to here. In 2005, there was listed as the sixth series cultural relics under state protection. In the protection area, there are Qu Yuan Temple. Xintan Residence House, Xiajiang Carvings, Xiajiang Ancient Bridge, Qu Yuan Cultural Art Center, Binshui Landscape and some other landscapes.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Features of Hometown of Qu Yuan

The Hometown of Qu Yuan was built upon the theme of inspiring Qu Yuan Culture, tracing back the charm of gorge and river, to emphasis the cultural deposit of hometown of Qu Yuan, increase the civilization deposit, combine the historical culture and customs of Zigui County and Qu Yuan Culture resource together, develop art, opera, performance and diet with Ba and Chu features, expand and discover typical local recreational activities and tourism service items. At the same time, pay more attention to develop historical culture, religious culture, folk house culture, tea culture and some other tourism products with rich Three Gorges area features.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Qu Yuan Temple

The Qu Yuan Temple is an important part of this historical relic under state protection. The original site of Qu Yuan Temple was located in Qu Yuan Tuo, 5 kilometers away from the Zigui County. It was first built in Tang Dynasty, and renamed to "Qingl Lie Gong Temple" in the third year of Yuanfeng Perid. It was removed to Gui Zhou in 1976 with the construction of Gezhouba Dam, and renamed to Qu Yuan Temple. Now, with the construction of Three Gorges Project, the new built Qu Yuan Temple is located on the waist of Feifeng Mountain, facing with Three Gorges Dam. It consists of mountain gate, swing room, tablet porch, front hall, music and dance building, main hall, Qu Yuan Tombs and so on.

The development and reconstruction of hometown of Qu Yuan mainly focus on carrying out Chinese traditional culture, inheriting and carrying forward the great patriotism spirit and romanticism of Qu Yuan, combining Qu Yuan and the rich historical relic resource, historical culture and ecological tourism resource in Zigui together, making the competitive products of Three Gorges culture tourism, finally making it become the demonstration zone of Three Gorges historical relics protection and the famous tourism zone in the world.

So, please do not miss the hometown of Qu Yuan in your Three Gorges Dam tour.

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