Three Gorges Dam Tour – Drifting on Jiuwan Stream
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Three Gorges Dam Tour – Drifting on Jiuwan Stream

Jiuwan Stream

The Jiuwan Stream is located on the south bank of Xiling Gorge in Three Gorges, 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam. The total area is Jiuwan Stream is 60 square kilometers. The great patriotism poet Qu Yuan ever opened altar and gave lectures at here. It is worth to visit in your Three Gorges Dam tour, not only for its beautiful natural scenery, but also for its deep cultural deposits.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Introduction of Jiuwan Stream

The Jiuwan Stream scenic area is with beautiful mountain and limpid water, and the folkway at here is simple, which combines exploration, leisure and sightseeing together. The Jiuwan Stream scenic area is famous for its strange mountain, beautiful water, steep cliff, odd rocks and famous flowers. It is the "national drifting training base" which conferred by State General Sports Administration. The scenic spot mainly focus on passionate, sport and health. The drifting on Jiuwan Stream is praised as 'the top drifting spot in China" by worldwide visitors. The drifting on Jiuwan Stream consists of upper part and down part, total 13.2 kilometers long. The upper 6.4 kilometers long drifting part is very dangerous and thrill, where the relative drop can reach 100 meters. The down part is drifting on quiet water, where the water is 70 or 80 meters deep. On the both banks of this part, there are 48 different mountains towering up, and the plants on it can reach 100 kinds. With fresh wind blow on face, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery on the way, just like in paradise; you can appreciate the charm of original forest, herb, long creepers, and strange animals; you can feel the grand momentum of Jiuwan Stream Power Station, Jiuwan Stream Bridge and some other modern buildings; you can explore the quiet and danger of 800 meters green Difeng; you also can appreciate the charm of Ba and Chu Culture from the Giant Fish Square, mysterious suspending coffin and so on.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Scenery of Jiuwan Stream

The natural scenery in Jiuwan Stream Gorge Sightseeing area is original and unique, and with rich Ba and Chu Culture. The landscape at here consists of "Yangin Drum", "Dragon Boat Competition", "thousands years suspending coffin", "gorge scenery"," Wentian seam", "opera on water", "High-altitude stunts" seven parts.

At the same time, with the increase of water level in Three Gorges Dam, the hidden Jiuwan Stream Gorges become a whole part with the Kongling Gorge, Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge, Military Manual and Precious Sword Gorge in Xiling Gorge. The four gorges become a mini Three Gorges. The grand of Qutang Gorge, beauty of Wu Gorge and danger of Xiling Gorges are gathered in this gorge, which represent out the natural scenery of ancient Three Gorges.

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