Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Environment Protection
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Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Environment Protection

Three Gorges Dam

Gorges Dam Benefits – Improve Ecology in Yangtze River

The Three Gorges Dam is an effective way of improving the ecological condition of the Yangtze River. No matter from the life survival, or from the social economical development, the Yangtze River must be controlled as soon as possible, which is also the premise of developing the Yangtze River. From the point of nature, the old balance of the Yangtze River which has been broken by the natural development. It is not very reliable for Yangtze River to come back to its original balance by itself. Now, it needs some effective ways to promote the Yangtze River build new balance. And the Three Gorges Dam is the most effective way.

The construction of Three Gorges Dam make there formed some river course reservoir on the upstream of the Yangtze River, which can adjust 22.15 billion cubic meters flood, which can effectively block the flood from Yichang and greatly decrease the flow rate of flood. It improves the safe of Jinjiang River section, and increase the flexibility of flood control in Wuhan City. Hence, the Three Gorges Dam improved the bad environment which caused by flood.

The improvement of flood diversion ability at down stream can effectively decrease the sediment accumulation at the lakes in down stream, to slow down the shrink of these lakes. It also can adjust and supply the branches in lake areas, decrease the damage of flood. As the adjustment of Three Gorges Dam, the flood discharge amount in dry season increased, which is helpful for improving the water quality below the dam.

The Three Gorges Dam can prevent the wide and rich Central China Plain from the flood. The ecological order comes into good circulation, the ecological at plain lakes area reach new and relatively stable.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Global Environment Protection

The most direct Three Gorges Dam benefit is its power generation benefits. The annual power generation capacity of Three Gorges Hydropower Station is 84.7 billion KWH. It can balance the contradiction of high speed economy development and serious resource shortage in modern China. The clean and reproducible hydropower is the best choice.

After Three Gorges Project completed, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station will be a high modern power station. The three Gorges Dam Area will become a picturesque new scenic area, while the area along the Yangtze River will become a developed and beautiful economy-zone.

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