Routes of Yangtze Cruise - Advantages & Disadvantages
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Routes of Yangtze Cruise

At present, the routes of Yangtze Cruise Ships include 2 types of routes: Downstream and Upstream. Both of the routes stop at the scenic spots along Yangtze River for shore excursion; the downstream routes of the Yangtze Cruise Ships are very stable. Shore excursions of upstream routes will not be arranged until the amount of the tourists group reaches 16.

Note: Downstream routes include the routes from Chongqing to Yichang and from Chongqing to Shanghai. Upstream routes include the routes from Yichang to Chongqing and from Shanghai to Chongqing.

The advantages and disadvantages of Downstream Routes


  • Fast speed, average speed of 28-30 km/h. The whole journey is time-saving
  • The ship usually does not sail at night in order not to interfere the recreational activities and the rest of passengers. Because the restaurants and recreational facilities are at the tail of the ship which has bigger vibration than the other parts of the ship.
  • The ship will stop at the scenic spots in the daytime and the ship will wait in time. Therefore, passengers can fully enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Three Gorges.


  • Because of the fast speed of the ship, it passes the sceneries along Yangtze River fast too. Especially, in Qutang Gorge area, it only takes several minutes. So it is a little bit hurry.
  • The price is higher than the upstream.

The advantages and disadvantages of Upstream Routes


  • Because of the ship's speed is about 15-18 km/h, there is plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent sceneries, take photos and also listen to guide's interpretation of the sceneries carefully.
  • Lower cost. The price is 10-15% lower than the downstream routes.
  • On luxurious Yangtze cruise ship of upstream routes, there is enough time to taka part in many recreational facilities, and various performances as well as lectures.


  • The ship speed is slow. Sometimes in order to arrive at the next scenic spot, the ship needs to navigate during the night which will affect the tourists' rest.
  • The time of sailing through the ship locks of Three Gorges Dam is about 12:00pm or 02:00am. This may affect the activities of the next day.

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