Preparations before Yangtze Cruise
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Preparations before Yangtze Cruise

Preparations before Yangtze Cruise – Clothes

Prepare some leisure and comfortable clothes up to your need. A pair of portable shoes are also advised since you would walk a long time when you ashore for sightseeing and shopping.

Spring: You should prepare a sweater, jacket, or a water-proof windbreaker.

Summer: You'd better prepare a pair of sunglasses, hat and sunscreen since Three Gorges Area is very hot and has long sunshine hours in summer.

Autumn: You should prepare a thin sweater or coat since it is windy in autumn.

Winter: You should prepare a heavy coat (such as down wear) since it is really cold on the river.

Preparations before Yangtze Cruise – Boarding Notice

Boarding Notice is your certificate to get on board.

Preparations before Yangtze Cruise – Insurance

You are advised to obtain travel insurance since. Though the Boarding Notice includes insurance, the sum is rather limited.

Preparations before Yangtze Cruise – Health-care

You'd better bring some commonly used medicines (such as cold medicine and digestive medicine) with you. If you feel bad during the cruise, you should take some medicine and go to see a doctor as soon as possible. There are health-care center and doctors on the cruise ships. They would be always at your service. They would like to offer you help and charge little. Health-care centers on some cruise ships only charges medicine fees.

Don't buy food, fruit and drinking water from a market stalls. You'd better bring some portable water with you when you are ashore for sightseeing.

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