Main Three Gorges Dam Benefits
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Main Three Gorges Dam Benefits

Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam benefits mainly focus on flood control, power generation and navigation.

Main Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Effectively Control Flood

The Three Gorges Dam can effectively control flood. The climate in China is typical southeast monsoon climate, and the rainfall distribution is asymmetrical. Based on the statistics in the past 2000 years, there happened a flood less than ten years in the ground river between Yibin and Wuhan. After the Three Gorges Dam built, the giant adjustment capacity can effectively improve the flood control standard at the downstream and delay the siltation in the river. After the Three Gorges Dam built, it can control hundred-year flood to ensure the safe of middle and down stream of the Yangtze River. If there is thousand-year flood, coordinating with flood diversion area, it can avoid the damage of dam destroying. History will prove that The Three Gorges Dam is the patron saint which can directly ensure the safe of 2300 mu fields and 15 million people's life and property in the middle and down stream of the Yangtze River and the safe of Jingguan Railway, Jingjjiu Railway.

Main Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Useful for Power Generation

After the Three Gorges Dam completed, the surging water will work on power generation in Three Gorges Hydropower Station and adjust the navigation condition between Three Gorges Dam to Gezhouba Dam, and then work on the power generation in Gezhouba Power Station, making the total power generation capacity of Three Gorges Hydropower Station and Gezhouba Hydropower Station reached 105 billion degree. The Three Gorges Hydropower Station is located in the hinterland of China, less than 1000 kilometers away from every large load center. Therefore, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station will become Electric Power Dispatching Center in future.

Main Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Beneficial for Navigation

The construction of Three Gorges Dam is an opportunity for the reservoir area. In the past, the 660 kilometers long waterway between Yichang and Chongqing includes hundreds shoals and tens unidirectional waterway. The ships with heavy loads need to be led at several parts. The annual one-way shipping capacity is less than 10 million tons. After the Three Gorges Dam completed, the shoals, one-way transportation areas and traction area were submerged, and the river course widened. Ten thousands tons ships can directly reach sea and river, which greatly decreased the transportation cost and improved the one-way shipping capacity to over 50 million tons. Then, the formation of golden waterway which crosses over the east and west of China will be helpful for the economy development on the both banks of the Yangtze River.

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