Introduction of Three Gorges Dam Tour
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Introduction of Three Gorges Dam Tour

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area officially opened to public in 1997, and it was praised as 4A class scenic area by National Tourism Bureau in 2002. Now, there are Three Gorges Exhibition Museum, Tanziling Park, 185 Park, Jinba Park and Closure Park. The total area of the Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area is 15.25 square kilometers. The whole scenic area is based on the largest water conservancy project in the world – Three Gorges Project, fully exhibit the project culture and water conservancy culture, to offer multifunction service to visitors. It combines modern project, natural scenery and human landscape together, making it become the yearning tourism resort of visitors.

Introduction of Three Gorges Dam Tour – Tanziling Park

Thanziling Scenic Area is the first series 4A class scenic area of China, also the earliest developed scenic area of Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area. It official opened to public in 1997. The name of Tanziling originated from the appearance of sightseeing platform on the top part, which looks like an upside down crock. The site of Tanziling Scenic Area is 262.48 meters high, where is the best place to enjoy the whole view of Three Gorges Dam. At there, you not only can feel the grand momentum of Three Gorges Dam, but also can see the bidirectional five stages ship locks.

The whole Tanziling Park can by divided into three floors from up to down, including model exhibition hall, rock under river, river closure rock, cornerstone of Three Gorges Dam, silver sealed book and sightseeing platform and some other landscapes.

Introduction of Three Gorges Dam Tour – Jinba Park

The Jinba Park is located on the left bank of Three Gorges Dam, in front of generation set, which is the best place to closely view the dam and spillway. When you stand on the Jinba Sightseeing Platform and look it from down, the 185 meters high dam will appear grander. The spray under the generating station and the ordered transmission line at upper side show that strong electric currency are transmitting from Three Gorges Dam to other places in China. At the same time, with the change of view point, the grand spillway scene at spillway section will make the blood of visitors boil. The spray which made by the surging water will make visitors feel he giant power of nature. But the wisdom of people is enough for fighting with nature, and human being will conquer nature definitively.

In your Three Gorge Dam tour, you can view the Three Gorges Dam from different place and feel its different charm.

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