Avoid Seasickness During Yangtze Cruise
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How to Avoid Seasickness during Yangtze Cruise

Some visitors would have a feeling of unease, nausea or vomiting while they travel by ship. The severity of the seasickness is different due to individual differences, but it would certainly cause some inconveniences for your Yangtze Cruise. The visitors who have seasickness would have some anti-seasickness drugs (such as Dramamine) before starting Yangtze Cruise. But if they don't take the drugs at a reasonable time, it is also difficult to achieve the prevention effect. Anti-seasickness drugs would be effective in the premise of reaching certain blood concentration in the body. The level of the blood concentration depends on how much they take; the anti-seasickness effect depends on the interval between the embarking and drug-taking. Generally, the anti-seasickness drugs would not be totally effective if they were taken after the set-off of the ship, and the drugs would not be effective at all when they were taken after the visitors have a nausea already.

The Proper Use of Anti-seasickness Drugs

Take the drugs 0.5-1 hour with an empty stomach before the start of Yangtze Cruise. This would shorten the gastric emptying time and promote the absorption. When the ship starts off, the drugs would be effective since they have reached an effective blood concentration. If you will have a long journey, you could take the drugs in every 4-6 hours. This would keep a continuous effective blood concentration in the body and avoid the seasickness.

Guide for Preventing from Seasickness

1. Have enough sleep (don't be too excited to stay up all night) at night before you board the ship.

2. Don't take excessive alcohol or alcoholic drinks before and during your Yangtze Cruise.

3. Take some anti-seasickness drugs (such as Dramamine and Stugeron) half an hour before you get on the ship.

4. Don't read little lettered books and newspapers; don't stare on a close object continuously. Lie down and close your eyes, take a slow breath to calm your anxiety and tense when necessary.

5. If there is someone already has a symptom of seasickness, you'd better leave the place temporarily since you would be easily infected by the atmosphere.

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