Destinations of Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing
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Destinations of Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing


Yichang, the last destination of the Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing and Yichang and Wuhan, one of the destinations of the Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing to Shanghai are located in Hubei Province, which are important cities along the Yangtze River.

Destinations of Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing to Yichang – Yichang

The construction of the Gezhouba (Gezhou Dam) changed this sleepy first-century town into a thriving metropolis. Situated at the entrance to the Xiling Gorge and closest major city to the new Three Gorges Dam, it is the economic and cultural center of the western Hubei Province. In addition to the soaring locks of the Dam, the Three Visitors Cave, just six miles northwest of the city, is awe-inspiring. Here, both Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty poets inscribed poems on the cave's walls, and visiting literati throughout the ages have offered their own contributions.

Destinations of Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing to Yichang – Wuhan

Wuhan is set at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Han River (the longest tributary of the Yangtze), on the west Jianghan Plain, a region that has more water area than land. It is the largest city in central China and the capital of Hubei Province. Wuhan is composed of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, which are three separate cities.

In Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1366), Wuhan was the capital of the region and was enclosed by a city wall until the end of the 19th century. Wuhan has played an important role in modern Chinese history. In the late 19th century, a farsighted official of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Zhang Zhidong, established factories and an arsenal in Hanyang to begin the industrializing Movement of China. The 1911 revolution was first started here and caused the downfall of the last imperial dynasty in China. The first major industrial strike in Chinese history, the "February 7" railroad strike took place here in 1923. After the fall of Nanjing in 1937, during the Anti-Japanese War, the Nationalist government made Wuhan its capital for a year before moving to Chongqing.

Tourist attractions include the Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge, and East Lake. On downstream cruises, we tour the Hubei Provincial Museum, which houses artifacts from the first century BC, as well as mementos of the province's revolutionary history. On upstream cruises, visit Guqin Terrace, which commemorates an ancient legend of the friendship between Yu Boya, a famous official and musician, and Zhong Ziqi, a woodcutter,

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