Consumption and Service on Yangtze Cruise Ship
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Consumption and Service on Yangtze Cruise Ship

Luggage Service on Yangtze Cruise Ship

There are luggage racks in the cabin. The luggage-store service is provided for visitors whose cabin is not very big. If you are a member of a tour group, your luggage would be carried on board in advance after your travel agency connected with the cruise ship. The service staff on board would bring your luggage to your cabin after you get on board.

Meals on Yangtze Cruise Ship

The cruise ship would provide visitors three meals a day. You could enjoy abundant Chinese or Western buffet breakfast, Chinese style lunch and dinner. You could change some of the western dishes subject to your reservation.

The lunch is available around 12:00 and the dinner is available around 19:00. The meal time is not so fixed since there are different schedules. All the visitors on board would enjoy the meals together commonly. Details would be broadcasted on board.

If you have some special food habit (vegetarian or Muslim), you can tell your travel agency when you make your reservation, the cruise ship would make efforts to meet your need.

Drinks on Yangtze Cruise Ship

Only soft drinks and beers are free in the meals on board. You should pay for alcohol drinks or hard drinks if you need some. There is quantity limitation for the free drinks provided on board.

Smoking on Yangtze Cruise Ship

Smoking in public areas is prohibited according to the law. Please smoke on the deck or smoking room. There are no-smoking floor and no-smoking cabins on some of the cruise ships; you can make a reservation in advance.

Laundry Service on Yangtze Cruise Ships

There are laundry bags and laundry lists in your cabin. You can fill the lists and put your clothes need to be washed in the laundry bag in advance. The service staff would send your clothes and list to the laundry on the cruise ship and bring them back to your cabin subject to your demand.

Portable Water on Yangtze Cruise Ship

There are water purification equipments, filtration and sterilization facilities on cruise ships. The Portable water provided on cruise ships is up to the sanitary standard for drink water issued by National Ministry of Health.

Shopping on Yangtze Cruise Ship

There are stores on board. The articles for daily use and common food are available. But the classification of the commodities is limited; you'd better buy the things you need before you get on board.

There are stores at the scenic spots ashore. Various kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs are available.

Electrical Equipment on Yangtze Cruise Ship

You can't use your own electrical equipment for the sake of safety. You can use your own laptop or other electrical equipment in a designated area or explain to the administrators in advance.

Tele-communication on Yangtze Cruise Ship

You can use GMS phones on Three Gorges; CDMA phones are available in some of the regions. You can connect with your family and friends whenever you want.

International calls are not available in some of the cabins. You can make a call at the business center if you need.

Foreign Currency Exchange on Yangtze Cruise Ship

Generally, the following foreign currencies could be exchanged on board: U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hongkong Dollar, Macao Pataca, New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thailand Baht, Philippine Peso, Sweden Krona, Denmark Krona, Norway Krona, Finland Markka and Spanish Peseta.

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