Yellow Ox Gorge
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Yellow Ox Gorge

Huangling Temple

Over the Lantern Shadow Gorge, through Nantuo River thereis Yellow Ox Gorge. On the southern bank, the towering cliffs resemble a gray folding screen. On the cliff wall of a peak in the west, there is a natural painting as a bold warrior leading a big yellow ox, heading to the boundless distance. And this is the famous Yellow Ox Rock and this part of gorge is called Yellow Ox Gorge. It is said that Da Yu -  the famous flood controller in history made a river here with the help of an immortal ox. To commemorate the ox's contribution the Three Gorges people set up a Yellow Ox Temple on the foot of the mountain. This temple was first built in Han Dynasty and rebuilt in the Three Kingdoms period by Zhuge Liang, and he also wrote an article Yellow Ox Temple for it. In Song Dynasty, Ouyang Xiu was appointed as an official here, then, he changed its name to Huangling Temple.

Throughout the ages, people all amazed by this natural masterpiece. The famous geographer Li Daoyuan of Northern Wei has once praised this natural painting in his book "Shuijing Zhu". Now, under the Yellow Ox Rock dotted with villages and fields. Turn your head to the north on the Yellow Ox Cliff, the Yangtze River flows a large "S" here and we can have a panoramic view about tens miles around.

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