Yanjing Dragon Cave
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Yanjing Dragon Cave

Yanjing Dragon Cave

Brief Introduction of Yanjing Dragon Cave

Yanjing Dragon Cave, located at the Yanjin Village, is 25 kilometers from Wanzhou County. In the past, it was named as Stone Dragon Cave. Nevertheless, the spring never dries up, so people call it Yanjing Dragon Cave. The length of the cave is 320 meters, in the cave, there lays an underground river named Twelve Beaches, which is with regular tidal surge and splendid vision. The stalactite in the cave, including toe, Ishda, stalagnate, stalagmite, golem, stone beast and encrinites, are in thousands of postures and shapes.

There are caves in the cave, and the last is also the largest, with 40 meters' width and 30 meters' height, looking like palace and with the Tian Lou at its upper side. In the middle of the cave, there stands the giant stalagnate, at a height of 30 meters, and it ranks the first in Asia and the second in the world, honored as the first stalagnate on the divine land. Around the stalagnate, there are thousands of lotus flowers, made of stalactite, inlaying and enveloping the stalagnate, looking like many small dragons coiling, thus it is also called the lotus flower post.

History of Yanjing Dragon Cave

At the entrance to the cave, there used to be a Longwangmiao (the temple of the dragon king). It is said that the son of Da Yu, White Dragon, slacked while fighting against the Three Gorges' flood, so he was punished by Da Yu to cultivate himself in the Cave. During this time, White Dragon detended himself all day long, and he repented at last. Then White Dragon made much contribution to the local people, and Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing Dynasty awarded him a golden plaque with letters "Gong Xuan Qu Ren", which is still preserved by the management office of Yanjing Dragon Cave now.

There are some other legends about the Cave spreading among the local people. The famous writer Du Xuan has been here, inspired by the splendid view, then he wrote a poem, "Konng Yin Hun Dun Qi Hong Meng, Ru Shi Qia Xu Tan Gui Gong, Hao Shan Hao Shui Kan Bu Jin, Zi Ran Zhao Hua Yong Wu Qiong", which spoke highly of the Cave with no exaggeration.

Features of Yanjing Dragon Cave

Beautiful scenery is hidden in the remote mountains, the stalagnate stands in the Cave, the lamped stream murmurs lightly, all of which are born nature, with no decoration at all. In 2003, Yanjing Dragon Cave was named as AA by the CNTA. The stalactite wonders are in different poses and with different expressions, the "Ding Hai Shen Zheng" ranks the first in Asia and Second in the world.

The crocodile plays with water, the lotus flower is hung upside down, and herds of dragons swim across the river, nine lotuses fly with the waterfall, rolls of books, farmland steps, all of which are remarkably true to life. The shrimp and fish enjoy themselves and dance with the wave in the Twelve Beaches, and the fluctuation of the spring is regular and never dries up. The scenic sports are with profuse culture deposit and profound relics. People came to the old Longwangmiao to pray for thousands of years. Here, tens of monuments have seen the development of history, and the plaque with "Gong Xuan Qu Ren" by Guang Xu is so precious, displaying the classic legend of Yanjingbai and Wuerlong's putting out the big fire of the capital.

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