Yangtze Victoria Cruises Introduction
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Yangtze Victoria Cruises Introduction

Service on Yangtze Victoria Cruise

Yangtze Victoria Cruises Introduction – Brief Introduction

Yangtze Victoria Cruises is the only one American cruise line on the Yangtze River. Now, it has seven star standard ships, they are Victoria Anna, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Sophia, Victoria Selina, Victoria Grace, Victoria Lianna and Victoria Jenna. Yangtze Victoria Cruise is the fleet with largest scale and the only one use American style management on the Yangtze River.

Yangtze Victoria Cruise Introduction – Service Features

Represents on the Ships

The represents on the Yangtze Victoria Cruises are hand-picked good quality foreign tourist staff. They are not only with deep tourist service origin, but also have professional ship operation experience. Furthermore, the represents on the Yangtze Victoria Cruise also featured Chinese background. They are familiar with Chinese customs and can speak mandarin fluently.

Knowledgeable Bilingual River Guides

As passengers of Yangtze Victoria Cruises come from everywhere in the world, so the river guides on the ship will use two kinds languages to offer service for passengers. And they will vary the explanation content base on different preference of Western and Chinese passengers. Passengers can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River with explanation of the river guides.

Professional Captain

The captains on every Yangtze Victoria Cruise are with tens years Yangtze River navigation experience. They are professional about the river course season change and various situations during navigation. So they are the key figure in the safe navigation.

Service Personnel

The service personnel on the Yangtze Victoria Cruise are hand-picked outstanding young with great English capacity. They are trained with one year professional hotel training, three months onboard training. Before getting on the ship, they have controlled the skills about cabins, dining and bar.

Yangtze Victoria Cruise Introduction – Dining

About the meals on the Yangtze Victoria Cruise, as passengers of the Yangtze Victoria Cruise come from everywhere in the world, the breakfast and lunch are buffets and the dishes combined the marrows of Chinese and Western foods. The dinner on Yangtze Victoria Cruise is desk meal, equipped with a Chinese main dish and side dishes. The tastes of these foods are various, so western passengers can fully enjoy Chinese foods.

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